Saturday, July 12, 2008

gnomeo and juliet?!?

coming to a theater near you in 2010.

seriously. what?


J.Lee said...

OOhh, SPICY!! He's getting in all sorts of trouble!

Heather said...

do you think it's him in the play? hey, as his owner, you should get a portion of the royalties, at least. don't let them fraud you, jane!

courtney.singer said...

Um, this is so like Ross on FRIENDS...he thinks his monkey is in the zoo, but in reality he was stolen away to star in tv and film. Except it is not your monkey, it is your gnome.

janechoi said...

Oh no. Doesn't Marcel leave Ross for a life of celebrity?

I really hope Gnomeo doesn't end up on a sleazy reality show. but it's okay if it's America's Best Dance Crew. that show is gooood.


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